Heavy Duty Waist and Thigh Master.

Slimming belts by Fitazzo



S,M, L  

Waist belt - 39.3 in

Thigh belt -31.4 in

 XL, 2XL

Waist belt - 45.2

Thigh belt - 34.5 

3XL, 4XL, 5XL

Waist Belt  -  50  in

Thigh Belt - 44. in

The Waist and Thigh Master is designed to make your workout most effective. The Waist and Thigh Master allows you to wrap each thigh and your waist with a wide heavy duty velcro closure to create a tight fitting.  The 2 thigh wraps attach to the mid-section wrap with an adjustable (and detachable) strap to keep the thigh wraps precisely where they are most needed.  The Waist and Thigh Master treats the 3 most common areas we all need help with, in the most effective way.